if you are not paying your heed to the income tax issues. Remember if you are not filing your income tax statement of the income you are earning from uber then you might get into some very serious problems regarding income tax. ATO is having a serious watch to all the partners of uber who are earning with uber no matter if they are part timers or full timers, if they are earning the amount of more than 75000 then they have to pay tax.

So it’s better stay safe than sorry. Uber Australia drivers are not the employees they are the uber partners who are investing their car and services in Uber Company and earning in return. Uber drivers has not only to pay the share to Uber Company but they also have to pay the income tax to the ATO in case their earning exceeds the limit of 75000 AUD. And for those who are earning less than the mentioned amount still have to mention it in their income tax statement by the end of year. This is a mandatory task because if you get caught by ATO not filing the income tax statement of uber income, then you will pay the huge debt and amount of plenty to ATO. So to protect yourself from such misshape you have to be little cautious before you get too late.

There is a good news for uber Australia drivers too. The hectic and tiresome income tax filing and payment procedure has been made easy for you. Now you can go to alitax .com .au the website and mention the uber income with your other income sources and get the statement. This is the easiest way to file the uber income tax statement to ATO without any hectic procedure. The reason of making the process of income tax filing easy was to accommodate those partners of uber who don’t find time to go for such time consuming processes. Now the only thing you need to do as an uber driver is to register an account at this website and you are done.

Because those uber Australia drivers who are hiding their income from ATO and making false income tax statements and not paying the taxes will be fined heavily when caught by ATO. So better safe than sorry. File your income tax statement on time and stay safe from the disadvantages of hiding your income from ATO because ATO is having watch on all the uber partners.


Uber is basically an online cab service company giving earning opportunities to both part timers and full timers. People in Australia are storming towards uber and investing their vehicles as well as services to uber for earning. Passengers book their ride through online application and captain reaches to pick him. The fare collected by uber driver has share of Uber Company.

Note: Uber Company is not responsible for the income tax of the drivers imposed on their uber income and this is clearly written in the agreement of company.

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