Fundamentals of Roofing Installation and Roofing Repairs

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The process of roofing installation and maintenance is closely associated with roofing repairs in many ways. As you understand, the process of repairing can be done as a preventive measure also. That means you don’t want for the damage to happen before trying to eliminate its possible causes and protect the roof from the possible consequences. In this article you can read about the fundamental aspects involved in installation of fresh roof, its maintenance procedure and possible preventive and corrective repairs. House roofing is considered as an example for understanding the terms clearly.

Selection of Roof Contractors

You need to consider the experience and expertise of the roof contractors while making the section for your installation needs. If they are specialized in the type of roofing you prefer, you can trust their ability to select the right material, accessories and parts, decks and other critical elements.  They can provide the right kind of insulation from heat, water leakage and other environmental elements.  Selection of methods for ensuring maximum buildup area, coverage for reinforcing the surface and ceiling the sides and edges of the installed roof are also well known to the experienced roof contractors.

Variable Parameters of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are generally preferred over garages, parking areas and storage rooms for homes. Since metal surface can absorb heat during summer, you may need to get a fine coating of reflecting material on their outer surface to minimize absorption. On the other hand you may also choose to install a layer of lightweight tiles made of non metallic insulation materials. They not only prevent heating of the metal, but also enhance the aesthetic appearance of the roof surface.

  • The surface area below the metal roof can be split into multiple sections with the help of wooden or concrete panels. They provide support to the metal roof as well as the false roof which you may install within the interior.
  • The structure of panel can be a flat slab or square strips, depending on the expected foot traffic over the roof, net area of the roof and the strength of the side walls and the central beams which are installed diagonal to the roof edges.
  • The choice of flat or angled roofs is entirely yours, depending on the need and the architectural appeal you wish to have. Sloping roofs can be helpful in draining of rain water and snow removal becomes easy.

Scope for Roofing Repairs

The installation methods and usage of materials determine the long life of the roof and the ease of maintenance and scope of repair. Using tiled metal roofs can make it easy to replace only select parts which get damaged. You don’t need to use any welding or patching methods to fix faulty and leaking spots. On the other hand they can make it difficult for people to move on the roof surface. The usage of insulation sheets on both the sides of metal roofs can help increase the lifespan of the roof by preventing water seeping during rains and storms.

A great Overview of 3-Course Roof top Repair

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The standard method of repair to a commercial liquid applied roofing systems typically referenced to as the 3-course repair involves, as you might expect, three steps (after ensuring the area to be repaired is clean of debris):liquid applied roofing systems

  • Making use of a thin layer of asphalt roof cement called ‘wet patch’ to the area to be restored, making sure that the applied material extends several inches beyond the area that has to have repair.
  • Applying strengthening webbing to reinforce the repair – again, making sure the webbing is properly put within the soaked patch.
  • Applying a second thin layer of damp patch on top of the reinforcement webbing

Of course, where there’s one leak, it’s likely that there are more. For that reason, while you are mending the roof you need to do a full review of the status of your commercial roofing systems to fix all the problems at once and prevent further damage to the building.

Commercial Roofing Program Repairs

Once your commercial liquid applied roofing systems is installed, it’s not a place-it-and-forget-it scenario. One of the most overlooked systems in different commercial building is the roofing system. Roofs are just like cars – properly maintained cars run constantly and proficiently for many years.

The great things about maintaining your commercial roof systems include:

  • Consistent safeguard of the building’s subject matter and occupants
  • Improved financial planning by controlling costly roof replacements
  • Better security for your roof’s warrantee or guarantee
  • Maximization of your commercial roofing anatomy’s life expectancyliquid applied roofing systems

Many building owners don’t understand that a properly maintained commercial roofing system means fewer repairs and reduced costs in roof replacements. Performing with a qualified commercial roofing company can help a building owner stay on top of the condition of their commercial roofing system and protect their roofing investment


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Radon mitigation- provides you a safe and healthy life!

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Random is a harmful and hazardous gas which is present in various forms of air and water. The presence of radon has negative impacts resulting in serious lungs disorders and respiratory issues. With the process of radon mitigation, you need to clean you environment air and water that is unhygienic due to presence of radon.

Radon Mitigation Testing the key of radon mitigation

The foremost steps towards radon mitigation are testing to see the concentration of radon that is present and if it needs to be checked and reduced. Radon is unsafe, and there is no such level to be termed as safe, but complete reduction of radon is not possible. So a standard level is maintained, in which the effects are minimised. Minimising the level of radon is important, and hence the test is conducted, as to know how much extra the level has increased. As recommended by government, level should be 2.7pci/l for radon should be assessed. Radon present in air is supposed to be the most terrible health hazard caused to health. Tests are required to be held seasonally as radon keeps rate keeps fluctuating on daily basis. An interval of 90days is maintained between the tests o efficiently get the results of effects and concentration. Testing of radon mitigation is done by 2 distinctive methods in form of direct and indirect methods. In some cases, the sample is tested in laboratory, some are tested on site, and results are achieved where it is not at all time consuming. By re testing it can be confirmed and wastage of money on mitigation of installation gets saved, if the result comes negative upon re checking.

Post radon mitigation testing

It is a very comprehensive step towards reducing the presence of radon, to see if the mitigation method is working well and the concentration of radon is balanced. You need to check in 2years interval, to check the effects and the level of radon. After renovation re testing is a much needed method to stay safe.

Methods used for mitigating radon

There are various method where radon mitigation is done like

  • Natural ventilation- it is useful for domestic purpose, for immediate reduction of radon level. The level of radon is brought down rapidly, and it is maintained.
  • Forced ventilation is a much comprehensive method, it is expensive but the methods and observations can be controlled.
  • Crawl space is a very budget friendly, which reduces 90% of radon level and it is very effective. The households use this method for reducing the level of radon from their home.
  • Sub section of slab is very cost effective and very advantageous for household. It removes 99% of radon from the air at one attempt. It is appropriate for the soils under the slab.
  • House pressurization is the best method, yet very expensive. Good amount of radon reduction takes place, for perfect functioning tightly sealed base is required.

Radon Mitigation

For radon mitigation you can take help of experts, or just try on with the testing kit at home, and then install radon mitigation appliances.


Some Common Material Used By Roof Replacement Frederick MD

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There are some very common roofing material that is prevalent for use as a viable roofing material.  Some are cheap whereas others are not so cheap.  Whatever the cost factor it is important that the material is effective in providing a cover during roof replacement Frederick MD.  Discussed in brief are the common materials used in roof work.

Roof Replacement Frederick MD What goes in and where in roof replacement Frederick MD

Shingles: Probably the most common of roofing outer material, shingles are used practically everywhere a roof is laid.  The sheer practicality of the material makes for a very affordable yet simple practical work material that is universal in appeal.  It is possible to have a wide variety of shingles both in shape and color.  But the most damning part of this so versatile a material is its fragility.  Common damage can occur if the slightest knock is delivered to them and care must be taken to avoid this.

Wood: This could be the most rampantly available of work material and is found in most parts of the world.  It is possible to have many finishes to wood by working the material suitably.  Different outer finishes are possible by applying techniques that are widely available as well as easily possible.

Contrary to popular belief, wood can be made water tight.  Traditionally there are certain types of wood that have been seen to hold water.  More over certain modern day processes does help wood keep water as well.  Traditionally wood have in use in places like Japan to give shape to roofs.

Tar: A by product of the petroleum industry, tar is used principally to keep out water.  It seals in the surface once applied to any roof.  This used to be a popular application material on roofs in the early 1900s, when it was first discovered in a large scale.

As more newer materials were developed that had similar properties as tar, this quaint piece of advanced technology soon took a back seat.

Asbestos: The ability of asbestos to be a heat sealer gave this material pride of place with roofing experts.  The light construction as well as the strength per unit weight ensured that asbestos played a major role in roofing solutions in the mid 20th century.  It has since been banned as there was health hazardous that were rather late in its appearance.

The prime focus of roofing materials

The single most suitability of roofing matter was availability.  Thus what was used in Europe was not in vogue in parts of Africa.  The difference in commonly available material meant that different parts of the same continent used different material as well.  The ways of use of the different material also varied with the places as well.

If there was a common meeting ground then it was the sheer practicality of the product. Later when modern technologies ensured that material could be transported at very economical rates to almost all corners of the earth, the preferences and tastes of the people also changed.