Inflammatory Breast Cancer in

No one wants to suffer form a disease, but sometimes fate does not help us. The cancer is one of the fatal diseases, and unfortunately, it has become a common disease. There are many types of cancer, and each has its own stages. One of the most common cancers is breast cancer in women. As a matter of fact, the breast cancer not only affects your body but it also affects your mind. You may have to see the changes you never expected. Let’s take a look at the symptoms and causes of Inflammatory Breast Cancer in women.

What Is Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

It is one of the types of breast cancer that are not very common. It is an aggressive type of cancer that spreads quickly even in its early stages. In Inflammatory Breast Cancer, the cancer cells infiltrate the skin and the lymph vessels. It tends to occur in younger women. The reason it is called inflammatory because the breast looks red, inflamed or swollen. It is more common in the obese women. The cancer is a serious disease so you must be very careful. If you feel anything wrong in your body immediately consult your doctor.

Symptoms Of IBC:

As we all know that every disease has its own symptoms and whenever we feel that we are facing these, we should immediately visit our doctor. Following are the symptoms of IBC:

·         The redness is the main sign of IBC. You may see the redness on your breast but bear in mind that redness many go and come.

·         Parts of your breast may swell or enlarged. You may also feel that your breast parts are becoming hard.

·         You may feel your breast warm.

·         You may feel your breast tender.

·         The skin of your breast may look pink.

·         Lymph nodes may feel swollen.

·         Your breast may look like peel off a navel orange.

If you see any of the symptoms we have stated above you should not waste time and rush to the doctor. Just remember that it grows fast, so it is necessary to diagnose it at early stages.

Causes Of Breast Cancer:

Though it is not in our hands to prevent breast cancer as no one wants to become ill, you should be aware of the causes of IBC. It may happen to you because someone in your close relations had had breast cancer. It is a fact that those whose relatives had breast cancer has the more chances to get it. The women who consume a higher amount of alcohol regularly can be affected by the breast cancer. Age is also a factor as the older you grow, the higher are the chances to get breast cancer. Women who had already suffered from breast cancer have the more chances to develop it again. The increased level of estrogen can also cause breast cancer.

If you are suffering from breast cancer then never lose hope and visit your doctor regularly to treat this disease.

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