No doubt there are some functions that are typically unique to shower doors and particularly those sliding ones which are in common use in the homes of most people.  More than providing privacy, the custom sliding shower doors seek to isolate an area from the ingress of water or more specifically restrict the fall of water to some limited area in a bathroom. 

The advantages to using custom sliding shower doors

            Isolating an area:- The sliding doors used in shower cabins primarily seek to restrict the water splashed around to a limited area of the bathroom.  This in good effect provides a much drier bathrooms and one that is kept dry for the most parts.  It is inevitable that water gets splashed around in the bathrooms and an effective shower door can help keep most bathrooms dry and clean too.

            Increased safety: When the better parts of a bathroom are kept as dry as is possible with the effective use of good shower doors, the people using the bathroom are presented with an area that is not just dry but in effect a more safe area to use.  This is an important function of a shower door considering the many instances when people have fallen in bathrooms and quite severe falls as well.

            Aesthetically pleasing option: With the increased role that the appearances play in doing up bathrooms, it is but natural that an option that is rich in appearance is chosen.  The ability of sliding doors in bathrooms to provide a pleasing look cannot be stressed more at this instance.  Often large sums of money are spent in bringing on a desired effect that is best provided by a sliding door for the shower.

            Saving space: It is the usual practice to keep bathrooms as compact as possible.  The role of sliding shower doors thus brings on a space saving effect in most instances when a hinged set of doors could take up more space.  This provides the designer the much needed space that could be put to good use elsewhere.

            Maintenance: Unlike the hinged doors that would need lubrication of the hinges and if rust were to form around the moving parts then steps would need to be taken to have it removed.  All this adds up to the cost of keeping the doors functional and stresses the particular need for maintenance.  This is often avoided with the sliding doors that more or less complete the full functioning that is so required of a door. 

The importance of cost in doing up the bathrooms

Cost of any facility is of paramount importance in any field that is taken into consideration.  Usually the bathrooms get to be one of the most expensive areas of a house to be done and any steps that could economize on the cost incurred must be welcomed at all times.  The added feature that most sliding door would need the minimal of maintenance considering that there are few moving parts as such on them, works to the advantage such doors too.

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