Most enhancing procedures in medicine does have a certain and confirmed method to its actions.  And skin whitening injections are no exceptions either.  Most cosmetic processes are temporary in nature and it is the more complex procedures that need a higher expertise and know how in their application.  The aim of the whitening procedures is to provide a more lasting effect that could in turn mean lesser visits to the beautician.  The most basic of procedures to attain fairness are as given below.

Skin Whitening Injections

The simple procedure that a good skin whitening injection is usually about

With most procedures that aim at giving a lighter skin, the pigments in the skin surface are made to take a lighter hue.   This then tends to provide a clearer and fairer skin.  The active ingredient in these injections is Glutathione.  In combination with Vitamin C, the injections do lighten and bring on a fair bit of fairness to skin surfaces.

The entire procedure is usually carried out with a bit of local anaesthetic and doesn’t in the normal course of events need a hospital stay.  The very inert nature of the active ingredient that does not usually interfere with other medications make this a safe and fast treatment to have.  Most visit to a doctor last just about an hour each.  The sessions might last a bit longer for people that need a higher degree of bleaching and at times more visits need to be scheduled.

The Complications that Might Arise

The very benign nature of the Glutathione ensures that there is minimal contradiction with other medications that a person might be taking at the time of treatment.  More over it is more a personal thing to show a reaction to the drug and there have been very little reports of counter reactions that did take a pattern.

Sometimes the injection sites could get infected if the needles used in the applications are not sterilised properly and a sterile environment maintained during treatment.  Thus the dangers of a complication are more external to the treatment than to the factors that arise directly due to the treatment.

The Normal Duration of a Treatment

The usual course of a treatment is ten ampoules of the Glutathione.  This can be administered directly to the veins or through an IV.  The tolerance to the active ingredient differs in people and it is more of a personal capacity that decides the actual strength of application of Glutathione.  Once the ten ampoules are administered then a maintenance dosage of one or two injections are done each month.

Skin Whitening Injections

This is where the services of an experienced cosmetologist come to play. As there is no hard and fast rule to the intensity of treatment it is the better experienced doctor that can make a decision to the best needed intensity and duration to bring about best results.  Most medical insurance policies do not cover cosmetic treatment or facelifts and it would be best advised to check with the service provider that a person is covered before attempting a treatment.

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